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Introducing biblioMagika® - Your One-Stop Solution for Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis

Welcome to biblioMagika®, the ultimate tool designed to revolutionize bibliometric analysis for researchers of all levels. By harnessing the power of biblioMagika®, you can effortlessly transform your Scopus data into an array of meaningful metrics, including citation counts, h-index, g-index, and many more. Moreover, biblioMagika® simplifies the process of cleaning and harmonizing author, affiliation, and country data, ensuring accuracy and reliability before uploading your data to VOSviewer or Biblioshiny. Say goodbye to manual data cleaning and complex calculations - biblioMagika® is here to make bibliometric analysis easier and more accessible than ever before.

With a wide range of features, biblioMagika® provides unmatched compatibility with the Scopus database, generating essential citation metrics and offering flexible, in-depth analysis based on various parameters. In addition, the app facilitates the identification of highly cited documents and author productivity assessment while comparing single and multi-author publications. Furthermore, biblioMagika® excels in processing author and affiliation data, identifying missing information, automatically recognizing institutions and countries, and integrating with popular data cleaning and visualization tools like OpenRefine, VOSviewer, and Biblioshiny.

Comprehensive Features Overview of biblioMagika®


Key Features

1. Overall Citation Impact

biblioMagika® provides a wealth of citation metrics for your entire dataset. These metrics include information on publication years, total publications, author contributions, citations per paper, and many more. It's your comprehensive tool for assessing the overall impact of your research.

2. Publication by Year - Tracking Growth and Trends

Keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of research by examining publication trends over time. With biblioMagika®, you can easily analyze data based on publication years. This feature allows you to spot growth patterns, track trends, and identify critical moments in your research field.

3. Publication by Source Titles - Journal Insights Unveiled

Journals play a central role in academic research. biblioMagika® lets you delve deep into the world of source titles, unveiling the most productive and influential journals. Identify the top players in your field and make well-informed decisions.

4. Production by Publishers - Know Your Publishing Partners

Collaborations with publishers are essential for researchers. biblioMagika® empowers you to assess your production based on publishers. This feature helps you understand which publishers are driving innovation in your specific domain, facilitating valuable partnerships.

5. Journal Categories - Benchmarking with Precision

For a thorough evaluation, biblioMagika® allows you to categorize journals based on authoritative metrics such as AJG2021 Rating, ABDC Rating, or Bradfords Law. You can benchmark journals against each other to determine their impact and relevance.

6. Publication by Authors - Spotlight on Productivity

Recognize and acknowledge the contributions of authors in your field. biblioMagika® streamlines the evaluation of author productivity. Discover the most prolific authors and distinguish them by various categories of impact.

7. Author Productivity at a Glance

biblioMagika® provides you with detailed insights into author productivity, allowing you to gauge the impact and contribution of individual authors accurately.

8. Collaboration Insights with Single vs. Multiple Author Comparison

Explore the dynamics of scholarly collaboration effortlessly. biblioMagika® empowers you to compare single-author and multi-author publications, providing valuable insights into the world of collaborative research.

9. Institutions Analysis - Recognize Productive and Influential Institutions

biblioMagika® assists in identifying the most productive and influential institutions in your field. This knowledge helps you form collaborations with high-impact partners and gain insights into the academic landscape.

10. Country Insights - Discover Global Influence

Analyze publications by country to determine the most productive authors and influential nations. Gain a global perspective and make informed decisions in an international context.

11. Map Integration with - Visualize Data like Never Before

biblioMagika® seamlessly integrates with, enabling you to create interactive maps based on your data. Visualize research hotspots and international collaborations effortlessly.

12. Effortless Identification of Highly Cited Works

biblioMagika® automatically highlights highly cited documents, saving you time and helping you delve into the most impactful research effortlessly.

13. Impeccable Data Quality and Standardization

This feature expertly harmonizes author names, affiliations, and country data, eliminating discrepancies and ensuring the highest level of data accuracy.

14. Missing Data No More

biblioMagika® helps you identify and correct missing information within your dataset, guaranteeing comprehensive and reliable analysis results.

15. Automatic Institution and Country Recognition

Automatically recognize institutions and countries associated with authors, simplifying the data standardization process. Additionally, you can easily access this information through generated links using EID or AUTH-ID from biblioMagika.

16. Seamless Integration with OpenRefine - Advanced Data Cleaning and Harmonization

Unlock the power of advanced data cleaning and harmonization by seamlessly integrating biblioMagika® with OpenRefine. This dynamic partnership empowers you to refine and standardize your datasets to perfection, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency in your research data.

17. Combine Refined Data with VOSviewer - Visualize Your Insights with Precision

Your journey to visualizing complex bibliometric data begins with biblioMagika®. When data downloaded from Scopus is often messy and in need of careful preparation, our software steps in as the solution. biblioMagika® serves as the platform to clean and harmonize your data, transforming it into a refined masterpiece.

Once your data is polished to perfection, seamlessly combine it with VOSviewer. This renowned tool is specifically designed to help you visualize complex bibliometric data with precision. Gain invaluable insights and explore intricate connections within your research network effortlessly.

18. Leverage Biblioshiny - Enhance Your Analysis with User-Friendly Interactivity

Elevate your research analysis to new heights by integrating biblioMagika® with Biblioshiny. This user-friendly tool enhances your research experience with interactive and intuitive features. Effortlessly navigate through your data, uncover meaningful patterns, and gain deeper insights into your research landscape.

With biblioMagika®, you have the flexibility to choose the integration that suits your specific research needs, whether it's advanced data cleaning with OpenRefine, in-depth visualization with VOSviewer, or enhanced interactivity with Biblioshiny. Elevate your research to new horizons with these seamless integrations.


Flowchart for Bibliometric Analysis Dataset Preparation using biblioMagika®



biblioMagika® now can be downloaded at

Just so you know, while this app is available for download, it is best utilized during my guided sessions, such as the training sessions I regularly conduct, or by following the step-by-step process outlined in my book. You should also follow the flowchart that has been provided above.

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